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The Very Best Magazine Stories

Great Balls of Fire

Revolution in Cuba

Ciao, GianCarlo

Fun, Funny & Bizarre

Harry Anderson and the Left-handed League

On the Road with Willie

Sam Kinison

Swimming the Blues

Moon the Klan

Something Twisted This Way Comes
(The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow)

Democratic Contemption
(the ’92 Democratic Convention)

"Deja Jew" at Comic Relief VI

Beautiful Mexico

The Moon Over Oaxaca

Real de Catorce/Incredible City

The Monarchs of El Rosario

The Perfect Beach Town

In The Eye of The Beholder

Su Casa es Mi Casa

O Say Can You Sí?

Sunday Evening in Mexico

Racing With The Sun

Tamarindo & Careyes

Central America

Jungle Fever (in Belize)

Mysteries of the Maya (Tikal, Guatemala)

Show Me the Monkeys (Costa Rica)

Fishing Stories

Show Me the Fish

Barra de Navidad

The Middle-aged Man and the Sea

Golf Anyone?

Missing Links/Golf in Cabo

In Search of Sand Greens

Harvey Penick, RIP

Yesterday’s Nine –The Willie Way

Dan Jenkins & The Fort Worth Clutch

Once Upon a Green

Golf in Wales

 Only in Texas

Secret Spot

Home to the Hill Country

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