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Turk's Book of the every-other Month Club topped its sales goals and is now available at Indiegogo OnDemand! Every two months during 2018, the original subscribers received a new book written by Turk. These included three new novels and three more great reads (plus a bonus copy of The Tao of Willie). All  seven books are now available in a holiday shopping gift package at a special discounted price.


         Learn  More / Buy the Books on Indiegogo

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Wait - Who is Turk Pipkin?

In case you're wondering, yes, I'm that guy from The Nobelity Project, from The Sopranos & The Leftovers on HBO (and plenty of film & tv that's not HBO), director of three feature documentaries & the author of fiction & nonfiction books. Click the menus or below for a look at my work.

Books by Turk Pipkin

Tao of Willie, Angels Sing,

Fast Greens & More

Magazine Stories  

Esquire, Playboy, Golf Digest, More

Films by Turk Pipkin

Nobelity, One Peace at a Time,

Building Hope, Short Films

Turk's Acting Roles

Sopranos, The Leftovers,

Scanner Darkly & More

Turk's Images

from Kenya, Latin America,

Asia and the U.S.  

Lions, Elephants & more

Email to purchase custom prints

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