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First Look at the new Book Covers!

Turk's new books include 3 novels and 3 more great reads. Six top designers have put their finishing touches on Turks writing, so each is a work form the heart and a work of art.

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The Six New Books Include 3 New Novels:


  - Moleskin Mystery (delivered before Christmas) is both a mystery and a love story, hand-written in blue ink by an anonymous author desperate to find some light in his world.

  - All for Love - the summer reading book (April delivery) is the gripping story of a father and his daughter lost at sea on a fishing trip. Film rights have already been purchased by TPSC Films in Hollywood.

  - A Christmas Song - Delivering before Christmas 2018, is the long-awaited sequel to Turk's Christmas novel, When Angels Sing (which was made into the feature film "Angels Sing" starring Harry Connick, Jr., Connie Britton, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson). The new book is the Christmas story for our times.


And Three More Great Reads:


  - Words for Your Songs - a selection of Turk's poetry written as part of Bob Schneider’s generative literary project, Poetry Machine, and illustrated by generative art from the incredible Moth Generator.


  - Grace and the Moon - the story of two girls named Grace, one in Kenya and one in the U.S., and the sky they share. A beautiful full color, hardcover, children's book in English and Kiswahili.


  - Requiem for a Screenplay - Three screenplays - "Death and Taxes," "Hipsters" and "Mariano" are great reads, as are Turk's stories of how they became his magnificent failures!

Bonus Book! The Tao of Willie - every Indiegogo subscriber receives a bonus hardcover copy of this NY Times bestseller which Turk co-authored with his friend Willie Nelson. That's six new books and the bonus, arriving every two months at your home or office, or as a recurring gift friends, family and co-workers.


The Book Club is a collector's edition and you can't buy just one title. The basic subscription is $200 (that includes design, printing, binding, shipping and ten years of writing from the heart). There are additional levels with added perks (including Turk's celebrated wildlife photography from Kenya), making Turk's Book of the every-other Month Club a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.


Let's Build 3 Libraries!

Every subscription to Turk's Book Club helps fund new libraries at three Nobelity Project partner schools in rural Kenya

One for one, book for book - we'll be bringing the love of books and improved literacy to more than 1,500 students at Mweiga, Mwangaza and Wiyoni Primary schools. Learn more about The Nobelity Project's work building schools at

Subscribe Now on the Indiegogo Campaign

Turk Pipkin's Book Club is a wild publishing project - six new books written by Turk and published in one year. Subscribers receive the first book, Moleskin Mystery, before Christmas (along with a bonus copy of The Tao of Willie, then five more titles follow every two months during 2018. A perfect gift for every book lover! Buy the Books on Indiegogo Now!

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